Podcast Updates (Nov 2015)

Since Grantland got shut down

The B.S Report is now the B. S. Podcast

Hollywood Prospectus is now The Watch

NBA After Dark is now Sources Say


Culture Gabfest – Started listening to it during the two weeks in which we had no HP pods. Slightly higher brow with a slightly douchy who will occasionally rant about “fruit forward” wine.

Political Gabfest – American Politics was definitely a hole in my podcast world and this fills it nicely.


Common Sense – Dan Carlin’s show on current events.

The Allusionist – Like a much shorter hardcore history about words. I like the short etymology section at the top of the show more than the actual show. Why is a warewolf called a warewolf and not a manwolf?



You’ll almost never see me walking around without headphones. This is a list of things I listen to in decreasing order of goodness.

Must Listen
  • This American Life – easily the best on a week to week basis. This, this and this are examples of how amazing it can be. I might have a slight crush on Ira.
  • Radiolab – a not-so-close second. Purportedly more “science driven” but actually just a TAL 2.
Highly Recommended
Unless you have a 100 hour week
If you have a 50 hour week
  • Rationally Speaking – My interest in skepticism is waning but this is still worth a listen. Although now that Massimo is leaving…
  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – NPR’s News Quiz. Should really be higher on the list but I just don’t get to it often enough
  • Start Up – Alex Blumberg’s fantastic podcast about his startup that creates podcasts. Listen and understand
  • Serial – Unless you’ve been living under a rock this one needs no introduction. If you didn’t give them money for season 2, you’re an asshole
  • Hardcore History – Incredible Journey’s through major historical events. Wrath of the Khans is my favorite.
Running / Triathlon

I used to listen to these religiously when I was training for various events but now that I’ve decided to be a fatty, listening to them just makes me sad.

  • Zen and the art of Triathlon – Long. Which make them perfect for those 20 milers.
  • Ginger Runner Live – Cool dude. Fun podcast. Not much in terms of actionable advice.
  • Endurance Planet – The host Tawnee can get a bit annoying sometimes. Ben Greenfield sounds like a crazy person (the last Rich Roll podcast I heard was one in which Ben and Rich are agreeing on how we shouldn’t vaccinate our children. Ben gave his child some oil which apparently does the trick). But Lucho is great. The advise is helpful.
  • Rich Roll Podcast – This went from being one of my go to fitness podcasts to completely off my iPhone in a month. Rich (and mainly his wife) espouses a “positive”, “earth loving”, “spirit freeing”, barf educing, anti-GMO, anti-vaccination, non-evidence based view of the world that should not be anywhere near your earballs. Btw, there are excellent evidence based and ethically sound reasons to be a vegetarian.
  • Invisibilia – Overrated. The “batman” episode was alright I guess.